Colophon is a technology-centric website with occasional forays into aspects of my life outside of computers. I’ve been publishing at this domain since February 1996, and elsewhere since 1994.


The site is statically generated using Hugo. Content is composed for the most part in Neovim. Hosting services are provided by Pair.

The pages are all HTML 5, and the style was originally based on the Minimal theme by Steve Smith. The page and post footers, and the pagination style are based on the Kasper theme, which is in turn influenced by the Ghost blogging platform. Font Awesome is used to produce the footer icons. Site statistics are collected by Mint.


The fonts are open source, GDPR compliant fonts from Bunny Fonts. Currently the headings are Cormorant Small Caps, and the body is Gotu.


(Japanese: 残心) Zanshin is a term used in the Japanese martial arts. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. The literal translation of zanshin is “remaining mind”.