The music sub-domain on my site is about learning to be a musician as an adult beginner. It is one of several sub-domains on


The site is statically generated using Jekyll. Content is composed for the most part in Vim. Hosting services are provided by WebFaction.

The pages are all HTML 5, and the style was originally based on the Minimal theme by Steve Smith. The page and post footers, and the pagination style are based on the Kasper theme, which is in turn influenced by the Ghost blogging platform. Font Awesome is used to produce the footer icons. Site statistics are collected by Mint.


My current primary computer is a Late 2013 15” Retina MacBook Pro named Rosindust. My secondary machine is a mid-2009 15-inch MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks, and called BlackPerl. This machine replaced my first Apple laptop, a 15” Titanium PowerBook G4 named Eeyore – a machine that is still running more than a decade after it was purchased.


The Google font Lato in various weights is used throughout the site.


(Japanese: 残心) Zanshin is a term used in the Japanese martial arts. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. The literal translation of zanshin is “remaining mind”.


Originally I called this site solfège. Solfège is a music education method used to teach pitch and sight singing. Solfège is taught at every level of music education, from primary through graduate level university study. You know it as do re mi fa sol la ti do.