Romberg Sonata In E Minor Op 38 No 1

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I’ve been working on this movement, and on the entire sonata for a while now. To say that my approach to practicing and my practice habit has improved as a result would be an understatement. I’ve been considerable time on “passage work” getting the triplets and turns into my fingers. AS a completionist I find it hard to do just part of a piece. I want to play it all. And therein lies the problem. In order to play all of a piece you have to practice it part by part, passage by passage, and even measure by measure if necessary. Lots of detail work. My progress has been steady and I now feel like the entire sonata is within my grasp.

I could not have accomplished this without the help of my wife, who has shared her musical knowledge with me, and helped to guide me through disassembling this piece, practicing those individual passages, and now reassembling the piece. Thank you Sweetheart.

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