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For just over two years now I have ignored this site, allowing it to languish, and wither away. I’m still playing the cello, still learning, and still exploring music. I just haven’t been motivated to write about it.

About 6 months ago I bought myself an inexpensive mandolin. Using some videos on YouTube and playing by ear, I’ve been slowly teaching myself to play. Mandolins are also tuned in 5th, which is handy coming from the cello, but their strings are G-D-A-E. I can play most of Suzuki Cello book 1 and 2 on the mandolin, and I’ve taught myself a few tunes by ear. It has been a completely new approach to music, and one that I am enjoying.

And about a month ago I started learning piano. My wife has been teaching piano for decades and she has been helping me with my music since I started cello almost ten years ago. I want to improve my note reading, my sense of pulse, and my understanding of how rhythms fit on top of a pulse. So I’m spending 30-40 minutes two or three times a week with her, at the piano, learning how to play.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be playing not only cello, but also mandolin and a little piano, I would not have believed you. I’d always wanted to play cello, and I’m glad that dream has, and continues, to come true. Adding two more instruments makes me feel even more like a real musician. Which is pretty cool.

All of which to say, I hope to be writing here more often. Not just once every couple of years.

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