I Bought a Mandolin

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A few months ago I watched a couple “how to play mandolin” videos on YouTube. I like the size of the instrument, and I like its sound. For such a small cavity it produces a rich full sound. On Friday, two days ago, I went to the local music store to see if the leased mandolins. They don’t. But they did have a relatively inexpensive mandolin for sale.

$140 later I left the store with a Savannah model SA-110 mandolin, a leather strap, and a handful of picks.

I spent the evening alternately watching more YouTube videos and trying out the mandolin.

On day two, Saturday, I played around with the mandolin some more. I like that it is tuned in perfect 5ths, just like my cello. The cello has C - G - D - A for string tunings, while the mandolin is one 5th higher with G - D - A - E string tunings. The double strings for each note add a surprising amount of resonance to the sound.

My favorite “how to” site so far has been MandoLessons. The lessons are short and to the point. The accompanying YouTube channel, also called MandoLessons is filled with videos. I’ve only scratched the surface of what Baron Collins-Hill offers on his site, but I’m already comfortable with playing my new mandolin.

My intention with the mandolin is to learn to play by ear rather than through some method book. I think (hope) that will reinforce the music knowledge I already have from playing the cello.

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