Lesson Notes for 21 January 2013

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This afternoon’s lesson was good. We worked on Chanson Triste, the position études, and the first half of the G Major suite Minuet 2.

##Chanson Triste I really like this piece. It’s mournful and evocative and a pleasure to play. I’m working the “B” section at the moment. David and I spent some time mapping out the shifts and fingerings there. Being able to play 1st position notes in higher positions on lower pitched strings as a third-dimension to fingerings. Going slow and focusing on intonation is key for getting this piece mastered.

##Position Pieces These are surprisingly challenging. I had prepared the first 4 and we played through them together today. I get so caught up in making sure my fingering is correct that I misplay the rhythms. David wants me to keep progressing through the études in this book while at the same time circling back through the earlier ones so as not to lose the knowledge they contain.

##Schröder #38 This was assigned last week but not practiced very much. I was able to sight read the first three lines with out too much difficulty. Of course the piece is littered with B-flats, so I need to pay attention as I play.

##Minuet 2 As with Chanson Triste I am learning about the power of playing within a position, rather than running back to 1st position all the time. David showed me the fingering for the first measure, with eliminates shifts and open strings. Very cool. We worked on the second half for a bit. Initially at least I need to eliminate the slurs and play individual bows for each note. I also need to make the slurred notes and the individual notes the same duration. I tend to play the slurred notes at one tempo and elongate the individual notes.

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