Cello Owie

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Today, while I was packing up my cello in preparation for my lesson this afternoon, I discovered that the back is starting to come unglued from the side.

Cello owie

The separation is about 3 inches long and maybe an eighth of an inch at its widest. I have no idea how long the split has been there. Last weekend my cello lived in the rehearsal space where the orchestra had its retreat. My teacher’s cello dried out enough while stored there that his bridge shrunk. His A string was buzzing against the fingerboard as a result. If the split had occurred prior to last weekend, the dryness there probably didn’t help.

I emailed David to warn him I was bringing an injured cello to my lesson. He replied that he may be able to glue it. I hope so.

Thinking about having to have my cello repaired brought up surprisingly strong emotions. I knew that playing cello was important to me, I didn’t realize how important my cello was on top of that. It truly is a part of me. Its injury is in a way an injury to me.

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