Twas the Night Before Orchestra

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Twas the night before orchestra and all through the land,
Bows had been rosined with tuners at hand.

Music had been practiced, perhaps not enough,
And all were wondering, if they had the right stuff.

Scales and arpeggios, ├ętudes and drills,
Up bow and down bow, spiccato and trills.

Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance is played with great speed,
Leaving me gasping, trembling and weak kneed.

Adagio for Stings is played in three clefs,
Giving one’s practice some serious heft.

You’ll find An English Suite is rather complex,
After giving it some practice, you’ll need a good rest.

Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso is beautiful indeed,
But in order to play it you’ll need more finger speed.

Brook Green Suite is descending in scales,
Arco and slurred, and making me wail.

Poignant and lilting, and my favorite to play,
Somewhere over the Rainbow ends my day.

Twas the night before orchestra, and all through the land,
Cases were packed, with music at hand.

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