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There are three sets of cello videos I have found very helpful in my journey to become a cellist.

##Cello Talks
David Finckel, who will leave the Emerson String Quartet at the end of the 2012-2013 season to pursue individual endeavors, recorded 100 short videos covering all manner of cello-y things. Some are very basic – what to carry in your bag – while others explore very advanced techniques and ideas – comparing string vibrato to operatic singing. I’ve returned to some of these multiple times as my own knowledge and ability as increased, each time I glean a little bit more.

Cello Talks

##String Videos
Andrei Pricope of Park Ridge Strings, has recorded many of the Suzuki string pieces, both on cello and violin. There’s no instruction per se here, but they are good to watch when you are trying to sort out what your newly assigned piece is supposed to sound like.

String Videos

##Abigail McHugh
Abigail McHugh, a doctoral student at the Eastman School of Music, has recorded a number of excellent videos that explore many of the Suzuki pieces in depth. Her energetic approach and infectious enthusiasm make these videos as much fun to watch as to learn from.

Abigail McHugh

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