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Growing up I was exposed to classical music and live music performances. Both of my parents enjoyed opera and classical music. I was taken to orchestra performances and ballet and plays and concerts. When I was perhaps 8 or 10 my father took me to see Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax perform. I can still remember the thrill that music gave me.

Earlier this evening there was a re-tweet of a Yo-Yo Ma tweet that landed in my stream. Opening his profile I clicked on the link to his site. Once there I explored a bit finally landing on the “events” page where I discovered that he is performing three shows in Kansas City this coming weekend. Just two hours away in a brand-new state-of-the-art performance center. On Yo-Yo Ma’s site there were no links to ticket sales for those three performances, but there were links for other performances, From this I decided that the KC shows were sold out.

Later when telling Sibylle about the missed opportunity we looked up the performance location and just for grins I clicked on the “puchase tickets” link. Imagine my surprise and then glee to discover tickets were available.

Exactly two tickets. The very last two tickets. After I completed the purchase I refreshed the page and the purchase link was gone, and a new message appeared saying that the performance was sold out.

I have always loved the sound of cello music, and I am extremely happy to be a cellist now. To be able to go hear Yo-Yo Ma perform with my new appreciation for what being a musician means will be simply wonderful.

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