Scales and more scales

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At my lesson yesterday we continued the review of previous pieces. I’m about midway through volume two of the Suzuki books, and have reviewed the first 14 Lee ├ętudes. In the technique column I’ve been working on playing whole - half - quarter - eighth - sixteenth note progressions, and I’m starting to get the hang of the sixteenth notes. The hang up there is consistently playing sixteenth notes when there is an extension or shift involved in the series of notes being played.

I’ve also been working on scales. Yesterday David added two new ones to my list: E: and F:. Previously I had C:, G:, D:, all three d: scales, and Eb:. E: is interesting as it starts with an extension in 3rd position on the C string, moves to and extension in 1st position on the G string, and then finishes the first octave in 1/2 postion on the D string. David wants me to get the first octave down before moving onto the second.

The first octave of F: is surprisingly easy, especially after Eb: and E:; no extensions and no shifting. Refreshing.

I spent about 30 minutes playing scales last night and working on my intonation, and then played through those pieces in books 1 and 2 that I have memorized. Tomorrow I’ll start on the next 4 ├ętudes and the next few Suzuki review pieces.

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