Cello Camp

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My cello teacher is hosting a small cello camp the first week in June. He is fortunate enough to own an 11 acre property that has an 1880s one-room school house in good repair, which he uses as his teaching studio. The camp will be held there June 7 - 8 - 9.

The camp includes private practice, cello orchestra (playing ensemble music), YouTube Cellist and cello history, and presentation of the first three Bach Cello Suites (one each day), and a recital each day. On the final day there is a performance of the cello orchestra as well.

I was looking forward to the camp already, but today when I discovered it gave me an excuse to purchase my first copy of the Bach Suites, I was ecstatic. David wants us to own the Henle edition, which you can get from Shar Music for a discounted price.

I consider myself to be a cellist, and I am pleased to think of myself that way. But owning a copy of the Bach Suites, somehow that makes me feel even more like a true cellist.

Time to go cue up Mr. Casals on the iPod. Followed by Mr. Ma.

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