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One of the benefits of working for the University is getting to take tuition free classes. Originally I thought I would pursue a master’s degree in computer science, but I have grown disenchanted with that idea. Largely due to the hardware/robotics/low-level language emphasis the computer science department here has. I’m an applications guy, primarily interested in the whole human-computer interface thing.

However, my growing interest in music in general and cello in particular led me to sign up for a Music Theory class. Today is the first lecture, and as luck would have it the teacher is my cello teacher. He assures me it will help my music tremendously, and I am looking forward to learning more about how music is structured and works. I see many parallels between music and programming, and I am looking forward to exploring those ideas and concepts.

The course involves some sight-singing and aural identification of intervals which will be very valuable to me. It will also be interesting to experience as I am one of those people who never learned how to sing as a child. At summer camp I was the guy everyone told to stick a finger in one ear so I could hear myself and perhaps then sing in tune with every one else.

My goal is to have fun and to learn a bit more about music.

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