Practice Log September 30

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A fairly short practice tonight.

Spent about 10 minutes on finger drills, adding metronome to the 4th one.

Worked a little bit on the #4 etude from the Lee book. The bariolage is starting to improve, however I can’t seem to memorize the second half of the piece which makes playing it hard. Not being able to watch my hands at all means I get out of whack and my intonation goes to pot pretty fast.

Spent a few minutes playing Witches’ Dance - mostly trying to play the hooked notes short enough. I tend to linger on some of them making them sounds more like triplets. Sibylle pointed out that I play the hooked notes at the start of The Two Grenadiers very lightly. So I tried playing the opening measure or two of Grenadiers and then the hooked passages from Witches’. It did seem to help.

Then for fun I figured out how to play Twinkle, Twinkle in F Major as per the Bb exercise in the book. This is the fourth key for Twinkle now: D, G, C, and F. A very versatile little piece.

Total time was probably under 30 minutes, and that was with a short break in the middle.

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