Practice Log September 29

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Started with scales. C, G, and D Major, two octave, both whole and half note.

Practiced finger pattern drills. First three at 60 bpm = quarter note: whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth. Second three without metronome (still learning shifts and extensions): whole, half, quarter.

Worked on Witches’ Dance. Played through entire piece - focusing on making the hooked notes shorter and crisper. Also on intonation following shift to second position. Finally worked on shift and extension in last measure of second to last line.

Worked on Lee Etude 3 and 6. Need to memorize #3 so as to improve intonation. Hesitation when I can’t remember the next note effects sounds quality; not yet able to sight read without effecting intonation even more.

Need to play #6 without pauses between each measure. Played through as single notes and as 6-note slurs. Need to be less afraid of running out of bow and just bow faster to improve sound.

Played Long, Long Ago (in C) and Andantino for fun and to warm down. Finished with Twinkle, Twinkle in C. Total time, about 45 minutes.

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