Melted Rosin

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For the past week or more we’ve had incredibly hot temperatures here in central Kansas. By noon it was 100º or more, and by 5 pm it was 105º or 107º. Thursday was no exception.

My lesson is first thing Thursday morning, 7:45 am. After we finish up at 8:30 am I head into work, taking my cello into my office with me. I leave my music bag in the car all day - it holds my tuner, music, pencils, et cetera, and my rosin bar. Currently I am using rosin that come in a nifty little wooden boat which makes applying it easy. Over the several months I had this rosin cake I’ve managed to carve a nice little canyon into its length. I should have been more careful to use all of the top and not just the center.

After 9 hours in a terribly hot car the rosin is once again even and smooth. Apparently the heat was enough to soften the cake, and the box and wooden boat that holds it were enough to act like a mold. While I wouldn’t recommend cooking your rosin in a car baking under a 105º Kansas sun, I can say that it is nice to get a"fresh" cake unexpectedly.

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