Lesson Notes from June 24, 2010

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My teacher, David, rarely writes out notes or assignments for me during my lessons, and when he does they are rather sparse. I’m pretty good at remembering most of what I should be working on so this isn’t an issue. But in an effort to be more focused, and perhaps to have a better record to look back at years from now, I’ve have started compiling my own lesson notes to work from week-to-week.

Chorus from “Judas Maccabaeus”

After weeks of nothing but minuets I see hooked bowing everywhere. The dotted-quarter-followed-by-eighth note patterns in this piece are slurred - not hooked. Whoops.

I need to do a better job of arching my hand for the D-string to A-string slurs, to prevent the A-string from vibrating against the pad of one or more of my fingers on the D-string.

Watch my intonation, especially on the 4th finger. I also note that my intonation creeps towards sharp after a shift from 2nd position to 1st.

Hunter’s Chorus

Learn this piece by adding a note. Play the D, then the D plus a G, then the D, plus a G, plus another G, and so on. Play it s-l-o-w-l-y, with no thought toward rhythm at first.

In measure 15 especially use the add-a-note technique to work through the slur.

Watch bowing direction - don’t hook when not necessary



Continue to work on intonation issues, i.e., slow down and focus on hand and finger position. Improve fluidity and performance speed.


Make use of the drones to adjust intonation while playing.

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